Battling unwanted weeds in your garden? Try our new Weed Control Fabric!

Pulling weeds from your garden is a time consuming and back breaking task and not likely how you envision spending your outdoor time. Luckily, we’ve added a new product to our lineup that can help you save time pulling weeds, so you can get back to enjoying your garden. Weed control fabric creates a weed […]

3 Great Reasons to Use Mulch

Adding mulch to your gardens doesn’t just help them look great, it can help reduce maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space! Leaving bare soil exposed in your gardens can increase your plant’s vulnerability to stress and allow weeds taking over. But adding mulch to your gardens will help them stay healthy […]

Lawn Care Tip #74

Avoid cutting your grass too short (otherwise known as “scalping”) in the summer. This leaves your lawn susceptible to heat damage caused by the summer sun and can encourage weed growth. Instead, mow your lawn less often and don’t forget the one-third rule! Click here for more helpful information about lawn maintenance.