Your local sod supplier in Edmonton and the surrounding area

Address: 55403 Range Road 222

Sturgeon County, AB

T0A 1N1

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Phone Number: 1-888-225-3885


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Manderley Turf Products


Can I pick up sod from your location?

You can pick up sod at the farm through our Distribution Centre. We have fresh sod available at our location throughout the growing season. It’s always best to call ahead to ensure we have enough sod available for you.

How much sod do I need?

To figure out how much sod is required you will need to know the area of your yard in square feet. Sod is sold by the square foot, in rolls of 10 square feet in size, and is shipped on pallets. We recommend adding 5% to your total if your yard is a simple shape. This is to allows for loss, edge trimming and cutting. For more information on measuring, see our planning guide.

How do I return my empty pallets?

You can return your empty pallets to us for a refund of your pallet deposit at our Edmonton Distribution Centre.

Where can I return my empty Blue Cube bag?

We do not currently pick up the empty bag after use. If you wish to keep your empty bag, you may re-purpose it for storage, appliance covering, etc. If you wish to bring them back to one of our locations, you may drop them off at our distribution centre located at the farm.