Premium Lawn and Garden Products Delivered Without the MESS 




Blue Cube™ is an innovative, compact, mess-free means of delivering top-quality lawn and garden products to homeowners and landscapers.

Blue Cube™ will make a profound difference to your outdoor landscapes as well as your lifestyle by minimizing the hassle and mess of bulk delivered landscape products.

Blue Cube™ reduces heavy lifting, simplifies clean-up, and is easy to store and use throughout the growing season.

We deliver it to you, when you want it, where you want it and most importantly

with NO Mess!

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In an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of our Blue Cubes, your Manderley bulk landscaping product may arrive in a white bag. As we continue to work towards more environmentally friendly packaging solutions for all our products, removing the BOPP film on our bags is helping to reduce added waste until we can create a better solution to hold the products. And remember, you can reuse your empty bag for use as a BBQ or air conditioning cover, composter and more, to extend its lifecycle and usability!




Risk Free Guarantee - Extended Warranty on Sod


  • Fast, Easy Home Delivery

  • Clean and Convenient

  • Quality Guarantee

  • No Heavy Lifting

  • Store and Use All Season

  • Order ONLINE


Premium Garden Soil

✔    A blend of Black Earth, Compost, Sand, Organic Fertilizer and Lime
✔  Perfect for starting flower or vegetable gardens, filling planters, topdressing lawns and enhancing tired, existing soils
✔     Nutrient rich soil formulated for your local growing conditions

Manderley topsoil

Professional Grade Topsoil/Screened Loam

✔    Promotes deep root development for grass lawns
✔    Encourages healthy germination of grass seed
✔     Improves overall soil health

Manderley Lawn & Garden Enhancer

✔      A blend of local organic-based soil, and recycled compost.
✔    Perfect for improving existing growing areas and topdressing lawns
*Western Canada Only


✔  Choice of Natural or Black Mulch
✔  Great alternative for areas where grass has difficulty growing
✔    Looks great around trees and Garden beds

Manderley Compost Blends

✔  Marine and vegetal composts
✔  Adds richness to any growing area
✔  Improves soil tilth

Crushed Stone

✔  0-3/4″ (0-22 mm) Crushed Stone
✔  for use as compactable base material for projects such as new driveways, laying patio stones, filling retaining walls, etc.
✔  Can be used as a backfill material

Washed Sand

✔  Finely graded masonry sand
✔  Great as a leveling base for patio stones
✔  A perfect substitute for beach sand in playgrounds, sandboxes and volleyball courts

River Rock

✔  Natural Rustic river stone
✔  20-40mm in size
✔  Perfect for garden features


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