At Manderley, our goal is to grow greener communities. Urban greenspaces provide important public health benefits, including the promotion of active lifestyles. We believe in the value natural grass provides in our towns and cities, but also recognize the importance of sustainability in the selection of plant material.

Not all grasses are created equal! Manderley is a proud partner of the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) an independent organization leading in the research and development of varieties that require as little as half the water, in the case of Kentucky Bluegrass. With the TWCA’s help, Manderley released the first qualified drought tolerant line of sod and seed in Canada. Our Less Water line of products cut irrigation requirements in half and can go between 4 to 6 weeks longer without water than a conventional natural grass mix before going dormant.

To learn more about how Manderley products can benefit your community or to request a pilot project contact us, 1-888-225-3885!