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Are you looking to add premium, easy to sell products that offer excellent profit potential and that can help ensure satisfied and repeat customers? If yes – Manderley is your source.

We offer unique revenue opportunities with our Garden Centre programs and work with our garden centers customers to ensure our products and programs consistently help grow and create additional profit and revenue. Download our Garden Center program here or Contact us to book a Profit Centre Planning Session.

With more than 50 years of experience delivering only the finest turfgrass and garden products, we offer a robust line of top quality lawn and garden products that are designed for local growing conditions, ensure satisfied customers and return business.

Manderley is the reliable and cost-effective choice for any Garden Centre, big or small.

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We have designed unique programs to suit your specific needs – download the guide to determine which program fits your business and contact us to discuss how we can work together to boost your revenue today!

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Manderley Sod is top quality lush, durable natural grass designed for your local growing conditions and farmed according to best environmental practices.  Offering Less Water Sod- Our all natural Kentucky Bluegrass sod is suited for high traffic areas, establishes rapidly, and is an excellent cold-weather solution making it the preferred option by homeowners and professionals throughout Canada.



Manderley Fertilizer is a specially formulated, professional-grade fertilizer designed to promote the growth of new sod or seed plantings and invigorate existing lawns.

At Manderley, we know that 100% of lawns benefit from fertilizer and we offer a line of Fertilizer to meet your lawn care requirements.



Great for starting new lawns, strengthening and thickening existing lawns and repairing damaged areas. Manderley offers a Premium and Less Water Seed line  for retail and commercial customers as well as custom blends for larger projects.

Manderley has a seed solution to match your growing needs.


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Blue Cube™ is an innovative, compact, mess-free means of delivering top-quality lawn and garden products to homeowners and landscapers.

Blue Cube™ reduces heavy lifting, simplifies clean-up, and is easy to store and use throughout the growing season. We deliver it to you, when you want it, where you want it and most importantly with NO Mess!