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The best way to have a healthy and
beautiful lawn for years to come, is to give
it the head start it deserves.

1. Sod

Choosing a high quality, Kentucky Bluegrass sod is the fastest way to achieve a thick, beautiful and weed-free lawn instantly. Leading the way in terms of sustainability and low input requirements, Manderley Less Water Kentucky Bluegrass Sod can save you time and money by requiring as little as half the water of conventional grasses.

Install it as soon as you receive it.

2. Fertilizer

Always Fertilize. 100% of lawns will benefit from having fertilizer applied at the time of installation. Fertilizer will enable your lawn to establish quickly so that you can start using it in no time. Think of it as insurance for your lawn!

3. Nutrient Rich Soil

Like any living organism your lawn’s roots need food, air and water. For best results, prepare your growing area with a nutrient rich soil, to ensure that there is sufficient space and the best possible conditions to promote healthy root development.

4. Protect Your Investment

Even well-maintained lawns can experience issues from time to time. We want our customers to sleep easy and without worry, so our sod comes with an 100% Risk Free Quality Guarantee.


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“I’ve start using these products this year and I’m very pleased with the service and the results. I just threw some fall fertilizer a few weeks ago and the lawn looks amazing, it’s ready for the next season!”
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Nico Montecinos
“Great product and service is outstanding. I have used them for a number of items and they have never disappointed. Highly recommend if you want top quality.”
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Bryon Martin
“Good quality sod - had it installed when it was very hot out, watered it well and it was very lush and green within a couple weeks.”
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Tyrell Callioux