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From landscape designers and sports professionals to public greenspaces and diverse builder and developer projects, Manderley offers tailored, top-tier products. Trust us to elevate landscapes with top quality, sustainable products, ensuring lush, resilient greenery that meets the expectations of you, your customers, and communities, guaranteed.

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Landscape Designers & Architects

Manderley is in the business of creating beautiful greenspaces with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability. Our Less Water Sod and Grass Seed solutions minimize water usage, protect against drought ravage, and act as efficient carbon stores, soil filters and oxygen generators. Our Less Water products are particularly applicable to LEED Water Use Reduction (WEc3) and Water Efficient Landscaping (WEc1) specifications. Our specially formulated natural grass sod flourishes in full sun areas, is durable and tolerant of high traffic, and cold-hardy – making it ideal for Canadian climates, and a practical choice for demanding commercial projects. Build greener communities with us.

Sports Fields & Facilities

Manderley has a proud history of providing solutions for golf and sports turf projects all across the world. Manderley sod and seed blends use cultivars trusted by major North American sports leagues including the MLB, MLS and NFL. Our expertise and dedication to the highest quality products make Manderley the right choice whether you’re maintaining a community sports field or a professional facility. Play safer with us.


Create greener communities with Canada’s natural grass leader. Greenspaces are at the heart of every community. Promoting overall well-being, and cultivating a vibrant environment where people can connect and unwind, safely. At Manderley, our goal is to grow greener communities. Urban greenspaces provide important public health benefits, including the promotion of active lifestyles. We believe in the value natural grass provides in our towns and cities, but also recognize the importance of sustainability in the selection of plant material. Grow greener communities with us.

Builders and Developers

Build your business, discover the Manderley advantage. Just like you, our commitment to quality helps eliminate call-backs, warranty claims and ensure your customers are satisfied and the value of your property increases. With more than 60 years of experience delivering only the finest natural grass products suited to local growing conditions, Manderley is the reliable and cost-effective choice for builders and developers. Our specially formulated natural grass sod and seed is durable and tolerant of high traffic, and cold-hardy – making it ideal for Canadian climates, and a superb choice for building projects. If you value promoting energy-efficiency and water reduction as part of your offer, we can help. Our Less Water Sod and Grass Seed solutions reduce water usage by as much as 50%, protect against drought, and act as efficient carbon stores, soil filters and oxygen generators. They are ideal for helping you meet environmental standards such as LEED for Homes. Build with us.

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Not all grasses are created equal! Manderley is a proud partner of the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) an independent organization leading in the research and development of varieties that require as little as half the water, in the case of Kentucky Bluegrass. With the TWCA’s help, Manderley released the first qualified drought tolerant line of sod and seed in Canada. Our Less Water line of products cut irrigation requirements in half and can go between 4 to 6 weeks longer without water than a conventional natural grass mix before going dormant.

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“I’ve start using these products this year and I’m very pleased with the service and the results. I just threw some fall fertilizer a few weeks ago and the lawn looks amazing, it’s ready for the next season!”
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Nico Montecinos
“Great product and service is outstanding. I have used them for a number of items and they have never disappointed. Highly recommend if you want top quality.”
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Bryon Martin
“Good quality sod - had it installed when it was very hot out, watered it well and it was very lush and green within a couple weeks.”
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Tyrell Callioux