The Best way to have a healthy and beautiful lawn for years to come is
to give it the head start it deserves.

Follow these four easy steps and have the lawn you’ve always wanted.


close up of sod rolls

Choosing a high quality, Kentucky Bluegrass sod is the fastest way to achieve a thick, beautiful and weed-free lawn instantly. Leading the way in terms of sustainability and low input requirements, Manderley Less Water Kentucky Bluegrass Sod can save you time and money by requiring as little as half the water of conventional grasses.

Fertilizer is sprinkled next to new plant

Always Fertilize. 100% of lawns will benefit from having fertilizer applied at the time of installation. Fertilizer will enable your lawn to establish quickly so that you can start using it in no time.

New plant growing in soil

Like any living organism your lawn’s roots need food, air and water. For best results, prepare your growing area with a nutrient rich soil, to ensure that there is sufficient space and the best possible conditions to promote healthy root development.

A grassy home backyard

Even well-maintained lawns can experience issues from time to time. We want our customers to sleep easy and without worry, so our sod comes with an  100% Risk Free Quality Guarantee.




Manderley Sod is top quality lush, durable natural grass designed for your local growing conditions and farmed according to best environmental practices.  Offering Less Water Sod- Our all natural Kentucky Bluegrass sod is suited for high traffic areas, establishes rapidly, and is an excellent cold-weather solution making it the preferred option by homeowners and professionals throughout Canada.



Manderley Fertilizer is a specially formulated, professional-grade fertilizer designed to promote the growth of new sod or seed plantings and invigorate existing lawns.

At Manderley, we know that 100% of lawns benefit from fertilizer and we offer a line of Fertilizer to meet your lawn care requirements.



Great for starting new lawns, strengthening and thickening existing lawns and repairing damaged areas. Manderley offers a Premium and Less Water Seed line  for retail and commercial customers as well as custom blends for larger projects.

Manderley has a seed solution to match your growing needs.


Blue cube logo in front of home

Blue Cube™ is an innovative, compact, mess-free means of delivering top-quality lawn and garden products to homeowners and landscapers.

Blue Cube™ reduces heavy lifting, simplifies clean-up, and is easy to store and use throughout the growing season. We deliver it to you, when you want it, where you want it and most importantly with NO Mess!