3 Reasons to use Manderley Fertilizer on your next project

We know you’re always looking to add to your bottom line as business owners, increase customer satisfaction and earn more referrals. But, did you know fertilizer can help you check all three of those boxes? Fertilizer doesn’t just increase your average sale, it can also help keep your customers lawns from looking tired and dull, which makes you look great too. Here are three reasons to use fertilizer on your next project and help support your business goals.

It boosts your bottom line:

There are a couple different ways fertilizer can add to your bottom line depending on what works best with your business model. Fertilizer can be sold by the bag to your clients as a leave-behind after your project is complete, or, you can upsell them on fertilizing services, adding value for your customers while also putting more money in your pockets.  Fertilizer is an easy add on to any property that will grow stronger grass and sales revenue that may not otherwise be there. With Manderley’s annual 3-step maintenance program, you can easily create a recurring revenue stream season after season. Try adding fertilizer to your projects and put more money in your pockets!

It’s critical to a lawn’s health:

Nutrient management is critical to the long-term health and vitality of any lawn. From the time you install a new lawn, onwards, a lawn’s nutritional requirements are always changing. Most of the time, soils found in new housing developments lack tilth, nutrients and have little organic material or biological activity. This is hardly the best conditions for starting a new lawn. Even normally healthy soils can develop deficiencies over time, which natural processes are unable to replenish in a short timeframe. But, fertilizer can be an effective way to re-introduce lost nutrients back into soil. Our 3-Step Fertilizer Program is specially formulated to deliver the ideal mix of nutrients to keep grass healthy and looking its best year-round throughout its lifecycle. That healthy and great looking lawn will be sure to gain you some referrals from envious neighbours!

It keeps lawns looking great:

In order to keep your yard looking great, your lawn needs water, sunshine, and nutrients to thrive. Fertilizer is food for your lawn, providing essential nutrients to your soil and rejuvenating your grass. Because a lawn’s nutrient needs change depending on the time of year, Manderley fertilizers combine expert analysis with leading edge technology to yield best results, no matter the season. A regular fertilizing schedule will help to grow tall, thick, and lush green grass that your clients will be sure to be proud of. Fertilizer can act as added insurance for your projects, so you can rest easy, even after you’ve finished your project.

Fertilizer keeps lawns looking healthy, vibrant and green, and it’s a great value-add for your customers to help them keep their lawn looking its best even after you’ve gone. If you’re looking to add to your bottom line and keep your customers happy while you do it, fertilizer is a great option for your projects.

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