4 lawncare mishaps to avoid this summer

Your lawn can be resilient, strong, and full of life – but that doesn’t mean it’s outright invincible. Like any living thing, your grass has limits to how much stress and damage it can handle. To ensure you have thriving landscape this summer, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help keep your lawn happy. Your lawn will thank you!

Keep your lawn at a healthy length

If you mow your lawn too short, you’re likely going to end up problems. Try to maintain a lawn between 2.5” to 3.5”. This will allow for healthier, denser plants, which retain more moisture and essential nutrients to encourage stability while creating a sufficient canopy to ward of weeds. If you cut too short or under-water it, your lawn isn’t going to fare very well.

Ensure your mower blades are sharp

An integral part of your lawn’s wellness is how you service your mower. For best results it’s ideal to sharpen your mower blades twice a season. Dull blades will cause uneven edges and will tear and tug at your grass blades. Torn blades can cause all sorts of problems for your lawn from infestations to dead patches that can infect other areas of your lawn.

Watering at the right time of day

When is the right time to water your lawn? Any guesses?

It’s the morning. Cooler morning temperatures allow the water to get where it needs to, readily accessible to your plants, while as the day warms up the residual moisture will evaporate. If you water at night, however, you will run the risk of moisture build-up which can cause mushrooms, while mid-day watering will only rob your grass of precious hydration.

Simply put, you can’t forget about the proper dos and don’ts when it comes to lawn care. By avoiding these mishaps and working with your lawn rather than against it, you’ll find yourself the owner of a lush, healthy landscape in no time! If you’re in need of some additional pointers or are wondering what products are available to help you maintain your dream lawn, contact us today – we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

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