5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Water Consumption This Summer


Regardless of whether you’re trying to stave off a drought or simply want to cut down on those bills, conserving water should be a top priority when it comes to summer lawn care! There are many ways to cleverly and efficiently lower your water consumption this summer, and we’ve come up with four key methods that we find work the best. Let’s look at them now:

Consider How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

It’s by no means a perfect science, but as a rule of thumb, a standard lawn will perform well with a single inch of water a week during an average summer month! Use a rain gauge to measure how much natural precipitation your yard has received during the week. If your rain gauge shows a sufficient water level, or if you notice that your lawn is looking vibrant and healthy, then there may be no need to apply any additional irrigation.

Rain Is Your Friend

If the forecast is calling for plenty of showers, get ready for it. While rain will keep your lawn healthy and you may not need to water it for a while afterwards, you can further enhance its effectiveness by setting up rain barrels that collect water from your eaves. Try to install a collection reservoir that traps out insects and keeps water clean, reducing the risk of mosquitos and giving you an all-natural and free stockpile of fresh water for future use!

What Sod are You Using?

While the thought of re-sodding your old, thirsty lawn may seem like a cause for concern, it will actually save you a whole lot of money in the long run. By switching over to a drought-resistant sod such as Manderley Less Water sod, you can drastically reduce the need to water. This is a great way to conserve, considering how much water we use to take care of our lawns in the summer months! Manderley Less Water sod is designed to take on all mother nature has up her sleeve and is capable of surviving for a month and a half longer than a conventional lawn in extreme circumstances without any water.

There’s a Right and Wrong Time for Watering

Once your lawn is established, ensure you’re watering it at the right time of day. Watering your sod in the morning allows for the best water absorption and gives your lawn time to dry out throughout the day. If you can’t get to watering in the morning, the best alternative is in the evening. That being said, evening watering doesn’t allow time for your grass to dry out and it can promote fungus growth due to moisture collecting overnight. Not fun.

Upgrade Your Hose

That plain-Jane garden hose with a single nozzle function may seem like a bargain, but rest assured, you’re going to be literally pouring your money away if you use it to take care of your landscaping. Try upgrading to a water-efficient nozzle that provides a more even, broader and lower-pressure spray solution, which will help you to give your lawn an even coating. Not only will you save water, but it will take less time and energy on your part as well!

Having no worries over the water bill during the summer is what everyone wants, but first, you need to consider the impact your lawn can have on your consumption rate. Try applying these four key strategies today, and you’ll see a reduction in water wastage and lower bills before long! Contact us at Manderley if you’d like to hear more about our wide range of lawn care solutions.

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