Battling unwanted weeds in your garden? Try our new Weed Control Fabric!

Pulling weeds from your garden is a time consuming and back breaking task and not likely how you envision spending your outdoor time. Luckily, we’ve added a new product to our lineup that can help you save time pulling weeds, so you can get back to enjoying your garden.

Weed control fabric creates a weed barrier to reduce time spent pulling weeds and allows air, water and nutrients to pass through for improved growing conditions. That’s a win-win for both you and your plants.

Weed control fabric can be used in many landscaping and gardening projects, including flower beds, as underlayment for an extra layer of protection, and separation for products such as pavers, walkways, etc. Installing weed control fabric is a quick and easy task that will save you time pulling weeds in the long run. Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Prepare Area

Remove all weeds from the desired area. For added protection, apply pre-emergent herbicide before laying down fabric.

  1. Place Fabric

Unroll fabric and cut to desired length. Fit fabric around plants, lights, etc., by cutting slits or an “X” where needed overlapping each section 4-6 inches. Secure fabric with SRW Fabric Staples, staggering 1.2 staples per square yard.

  1. Cover Fabric

Cover with 3-4 inches of mulch, stone, or bark to protect fabric from sunlight and to enhance the appearance of your project. Manderley’s Blue Cube products can help you add the finishing touch to your project.

Use weed control fabric this growing season to help save time pulling weeds for a better and more beautiful garden area. Be sure to check out all of Manderley’s products available near you, including weed control fabric and Blue Cubes filled with your favourite lawn and garden products here:

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