‘Depave Project’ gives kids a green space to play!

Manderley was recently involved in a great community project by donating sod to 2000 days Pre-kindergarten in Calgary. The ‘Depave Project’ was designed to depave their outdoor area creating green space and resulting in a  ‘backyard paradise’ for children to explore and learn from.


Working closely with Green Calgary and with the help of a number of generous volunteers and project sponsors, 2000 days was able to turn a predominantly concrete yard into a lush, safe play area enhancing their students’ lives. Manderley was honored to be involved in such a great Community project.


Depave-Project-Manderley1   Depave-Project-Manderley3

Depave-Project-Manderley5   Depave-Project-Manderley4

Depave-Project-manderley6  Depave-Project-Manderley8

Depave-Project-manderley7  Depave-Project-Calgary

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