Feature Landscaper: William Thompson

Meet BJ Thompson, owner and operator at William Thompson, a landscape company, taking over from Essential Soils Landscaping in Embrun, Ontario. With his years of experience and his dedication to customer service, Thompson is setting out to tackle the challenges and to reap the rewards of opening up his own shop.

William Thompson Landscaping offers a wide range of hard- and soft-scape services, which include Interlock, wood deck overlays, lawn repair, tree installation and of course, new sod lawn installation. But their biggest differentiator is their commitment to aftercare.

“We provide the highest post installation care to the new home owners,” says BJ Thompson. “We answer all of their questions, help them with watering and give them all the maintenance advice they need.”

On the one hand, it’s this level of customer service and follow up that has given the William Thompson team the leg up on the competition in their relatively short but successful landscape career thus far. And on the other, it’s the quality of work they do and the products they use.

Thompson and his crew trust Manderley products for their jobs because of the quality, the lasting results and the 100% risk-free guarantee.

“We choose Manderley because of the high quality of sod they offer,” said Thompson. “It really fits well with our business model.”

Combining Thompson’s high level of customer care and follow up with our premium quality products is a recipe for success on any landscape project.

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