Featured Landscaper – Twisted Rock Terrascape and Design

For over 30 years, Twisted Rock Terrascape and Design of Calgary has been using their expertise in the construction and earthworks industry to Green Up the city and surrounding area.

Twisted Rock spent their early days as a sub-contractor to one of the biggest excavation companies in Alberta, a relationship that gave them hours and hours of training on a variety of machines. This experience set them on the right path to success in landscaping, says Paul Beattie of the Twisted Team.

“It gave us the intimate and necessary knowledge and understanding of drainage, grade compliance and associated by-laws,” says Beattie. “We were able to utilize our construction and design background to begin building amazing projects in and around the Calgary area.”

Beattie says, they have been blessed with many great clients and relationships which include attentive suppliers, professional sub-trades and dedicated developers. This is where Manderley comes in, as Twisted’s sod supplier. Since 2011, Twisted Rock has been using Manderley sod for their landscaping projects throughout the Calgary area, including these housing developments in Elbow Valley, Artesia and Heritage Point. (see photos below)

When you have the right people, using the right products, great things can happen! With Manderley sod and his wonderful crew, that ensures every project is picture perfect time and time again, Twisted Rock Terrascape and Design are a company that can be counted on!

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