Fertilize your lawn to keep it looking great!

While lawns, especially those made up of drought tolerant grasses, can thrive in hot periods and without much water, soil health is one ingredient for a healthy lawn that can never be overlooked. Most of the time, soils found in new housing developments lack tilth, nutrients and have little organic material or biological activity. This is hardly the best conditions for starting a new lawn or garden. Even healthy soils can naturally develop nutrient deficiencies over time, causing your lawn to look tired and dull. In order to keep your yard looking great, your lawn needs water, sunshine, and nutrients to thrive. Fertilizer can be an effective way to re-introduce lost nutrients back into your soil and make your lawn look fantastic again.

Here are three reasons to use fertilizer so your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood:

  1. Your lawn needs it!
    • Bottom line, fertilizer is important for your lawn’s health. Fertilizer helps lawns develop a deep root system and better resist heat, drought, and wear damage. We never know what Mother Nature has in store, so a strong and fertilized lawn is added insurance against weather stresses and seasonal damage, throughout the growing season.
  2. Your grass is hungry!
    • Fertilizer is food for your lawn, providing essential nutrients to your soil and rejuvenating your grass. Fertilizer will help grow tall, thick, and lush green grass that your neighbours will envy.
  3. Fertilizing is easy!
    • Spreading fertilizer is easy, just be sure to follow the spreading rates and instructions on the back of the bag, as too much fertilizer can damage your lawn. The quick and inexpensive task of fertilizing is a great way to keep your lawn healthy and looking great this summer.

For best results during the warm summer months, go with our Pro Grade Maintenance Formula Fertilizer. It’s a balanced blend of potassium to reduce plant stress and retain water, and nitrogen to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the growing season. We also recommend checking out our Root Starter Fertilizer. It’s a specially formulated fertilizer designed to promote the rapid establishment and healthy growth of new sod or seed plantings.

Whether you have a newly installed lawn, or it’s been years since you’ve put down new sod, 100% of lawns benefit from fertilizer. Check out our 3-step fertilizer program to learn more about how each of our fertilizers deliver the ideal mix of nutrients to keep your grass healthy and looking its best year-round.

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