Garden Center Feature: Bark Mulch Depot

Bark Mulch Depot, try saying that ten times fast! Bark Mulch Depot is a landscape supply and service company and a Less Water Certified Installer of Manderley’s drought tolerant Less Water Sod in Calgary and the surrounding areas. For over 18 years, their emphasis has been on offering quality products and services for both residential and commercial properties in their community.

Bark Mulch Depot is true to its name, focusing on supplying natural and recycled product, including mulch, woodchips and rubber mulch. But, Bark Mulch Depot’s portfolio extends beyond just mulch products. Their landscape maintenance division offers a variety of products and installation services to enhance and maintain landscapes including full lawns and garden beds.

With nearly two decades of experience under their belt, we asked Bark Mulch Depot for their fall lawn maintenance advice. Their response? Prepare for the winter! You never know what the winter will bring so make sure your mulch is topped up, you install your compost and your lawn is winterized.  Mulch helps plants’ roots by evening soil temperatures, insulating and retaining moisture.

If you live in the Calgary area, consider Bark Mulch Depot when preparing your lawn for the winter ahead. And, don’t forget to include Manderley’s Fall Fertilizer in your maintenance plan! But, don’t wait too long, winter may be here sooner than you think! Visit for more information on how Bark Mulch Depot can help you get your lawn in shape this fall.

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