Get your best garden in 2017 by starting in 2016!

It’s no secret that a great garden starts with great soil. Soil is a source of nutrients, air and water essential to the establishment of healthy root systems in plants; but its supply is not infinite.

A neglected soil is far less likely to yield the results you are looking for in your perfect garden. Over time your soil can become nutrient deficient, compacted or thin which can make it difficult to grow and lead to poor plant health. A great soil is rich in nutrients, pH balanced and has excellent tilth, allowing for easy air and water flow. Furthermore, a great soil should also be built up enough to allow your plants’ roots plenty of room to grow deep and thus access more water and nutrients.


One of the easiest ways to improve such a soil is by using an amendment or enhancer that is made up in large part of organic matter. We recommend soils with high organic content such as a premium garden soil or compost. Soil amendments are designed to be mixed in with existing soils to bolster areas in need of improvement.

The ideal time to introduce organic matter into your growing areas is in the Fall. This allows the beneficial microorganisms in your soil more time to become active before gardening season arrives.

Follow these 4 easy steps for gardening success:

Step one – Determine how much soil you need. Keep in mind that you should aim to maintain at least a 6” soil depth (pro tip – top off your growing areas with 2” of soil every Fall to make up for soil loss caused by erosion, etc.).

Step two – Go get your soil, or better yet, have it delivered without the mess or hassle by ordering a Manderley Blue Cube. (

Step three – till or turn over the existing soil in your growing areas.

Step four – add in your soil mix and ensure that your beds reach the appropriate depth. It’s that easy.

Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy soil is the first step in reaching your garden goals for 2017. By following these four steps and giving your plants proper care throughout the gardening season, you’ll be amazed at the difference.


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