Grand Défis: A spectacular cycling marathon to promote healthy living habits

The Grand Défis Pierre Lavoie is a 1,000km relay bike race that takes place over 4 days and 60 hours of cycling. The course runs from Saguenay to Montreal with stops throughout Quebec.

The goal of the event is to raise funds to support projects that promote healthy living habits in young people and to support research of hereditary orphan diseases. In 2016, the Grand Défis raised $3.6 million for these initiatives.

Manderley is thrilled to be involved in the Grand Défis Pierre Lavoie by sponsoring Mélanie Goyette and her team. Promoting safe outdoor spaces for kids and families to use to stay active is a major focus of our company.

Mélanie, a mother of 9, became involved in the Grand Défis through her childrens’ school. Last year, she participated in Le Boucle, a 135 KM bike ride which was especially challenging as she had only ever done 100 KM by bike in her whole life.

“I like cycling because it’s a challenge to yourself,” said Mélanie. “It also sets an example for the children to learn good habits.”

In the fall of 2016, the Commission Scholaire des hautes rivières – were looking for two members to join their team for the Grand Défis and Mélanie volunteered. Her application, which also included a healthy lifestyle project idea for an elementary school (each team partners with an elementary school of its choice to promote healthy living habits) were accepted.

Whether its cycling, walks in the park or playing soccer, it’s important to stay active for your physical and mental health. Being outdoors and spending time in green spaces has been shown to reduce stress, improve your mood and increase your overall well-being.

“Cycling, going to the gym or any other exercise should be part of our busy life,” said Mélanie. “If we don’t take the time to look after our health now, when we get sick we will have no choice but to take the time to rest.”

Everyone at Manderley wishes Mélanie and her team the best of luck as they take on this remarkable challenge! We know that she will do a wonderful job!

And if you’re interested in cheering on the racers, you will be able to do so in Gatineau on June 17th and you can catch the finish in Montreal on the 18th. For more information about the Grand Défis please visit:

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