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How to Save Water and Save Money

Water is a finite and expensive resource. And wasting it makes no sense for you or the environment. A good portion of our summer water usage  – as much as two thirds according to major sources – is used to make up for what Mother Nature doesn’t provide in the lawn and garden. But now Manderley is doing something about it with its innovative Less Water Sod and Grass Seed. It’s a professional grade, hearty Kentucky Bluegrass seed that meets the stringent drought-tolerant standards set forth by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA). This Water Star™ Qualified Grass seed blend has no filler, and will reduce water usage by as much as 50%. What’s more, it’s nominal water requirements mean it’s an ideal solution to ensure drought resistance and protect your investment. It’s ideal for new sod, seeding or overseeding your lawn.

A Healthy Lawn Will Give Back to the Planet.

A healthy lawn carries enormous benefits for you and the planet:

  • your average lawn is as good for the air as two mature maple trees and produces enough oxygen for a family of four
  • its stable root system absorbs and holds carbon – a climate-warming nemesis – and also filters rainfall very effectively
  • a healthy lawn will prevent erosion and run-off into sewers, which is one of the main sources of pollution in Canada

With the added benefit of drought-tolerant, less water grass to the equation, a healthy lawn means a healthier planet.

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