Growing Grass In The Shade

Growing grass in the shade

Who doesn’t love reading a book or lounging under a tree, while firmly seated on a comfy patch of green grass? And who doesn’t have their own patch of brown dirt somewhere, where they just can’t get any grass to grow? Fight back!

  • Choose the right seed
    Fine fescue grass seed is a species that performs well in low-light areas. Select a grass mix such as Manderley PRO Grade Sun and Shade or Manderley Less Water Low Maintenance, which feature high fine fescue content. Remember, all grass varieties need sunlight, and even a shade-tolerant mix should receive at least 4 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Trim
    Try trimming trees, shrubs and other plants to enlarge the area that’s exposed to sunshine.
  • Try something new
    Consider other landscape materials, such as mulch or rock, for densely shaded areas. They look great and they cover the ground to control weeds, keeping your property looking sharp
  • Don’t overwater
    Shaded areas tend to remain humid longer. Overwatering could promote the appearance of fungus and diseases. Be sure to always take weather conditions into consideration.
  • A boost of energy
    The right fertilizer will help to ensure you have a successful seeding project. Prepare the area adequately and spread Manderley PRO Grade Root Starter Fertilizer evenly as per instructions. Check out this video for a crash course.
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