How to Fertilize Responsibly

Whether you’re installing a brand-new lawn, overseeding or simply trying to keep your existing lawn looking it’s best – fertilizer can help you get the results you desire, fast! But if you choose to fertilize, it’s important to do it right!

Where to start?

Understanding the different nutrient needs your lawn has at different times of the year and at different stages of its life-cycle will help you pick the appropriate fertilizer for your requirements with the right blend of nutrients.

On every bag, you’ll see 3 numbers like 12-32-6, for example. These are also known as N-P-K vales – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Nitrogen keeps grass looking healthy, vibrant and its greenest. Phosphorus stimulates root development in plants and is a key component in a plant’s structure. Potassium is essential to plant growth, reproduction and overall plant health. It also promotes water retention in the hot summer months!

Fertilizers can cause soil and water pollution if not properly managed! They can also burn your lawn if not applied correctly. Always choose a fertilizer with a high slow release component between 40-60% to ensure that you get gradual nutrient release. This will not only keep your plants looking their best longer, but it will also prevent pollution and lessen the risk of burning your lawn.

How do you know which combination to use? Manderley’s got you covered!

We’ve got the right fertilizer for you whether you are laying new sod, overseeding or maintaining your existing lawn. Designed by experts, our fertilizers are turf farm quality and formulated to deliver the best results no matter the stage of your lawn or time of the year!

Manderley’s fertilizers use UFLEXX stabilized nitrogen. UFLEXX is formulated with unique inhibitors that block urease. This helps minimize nitrogen loss to the atmosphere and provides rainfall and irrigation time to effectively transport nitrogen to the root zone for plant utilization. Keeping the nitrogen stable and available when the plant needs it, makes UFLEXX an excellent nitrogen source with less burn potential, steady turf growth and exceptional colour.

Manderley Root Starter fertilizer  contains phosphorus and as we mentioned earlier that’s important to the healthy establishment of any plant. So, if you are laying new sod, seeding a new area or overseeding this is the right fertilizer for you! It will help to promote rapid root establishment and healthy growth of new sod and seed. Giving your lawn the best start possible!

Manderley’s 3-step, year-round maintenance fertilizer program can take care of that! Each step is specifically designed for each stage of the growing season insuring a healthy lawn and great results year after year. Our 3-Step formulas are all phosphorus free to prevent build-up in your soil which can cause pollution, not just to your property but also to our waterways.

Step one is Manderley Spring Formula. It’s high in Nitrogen this helps to wake up a lawn after winter dormancy, helps to repair and make a lawn stronger. Your best choice to a healthy start to a new growing season.

Step two is Manderley Maintenance Formula – a balanced blend of nitrogen and potassium. It’s designed to replenish nitrogen during warm summer months protecting plants against the hot and dry conditions and helping to prevent water loss.

Step three – it’s time to get ready for winter with Manderley Fall Formula. It’s high in potassium as to prepare a lawn for winter and reduce the impact of cold weather stress. A great finish to the growing season setting you up for a healthy lawn next spring!

There are a few key points to remember when applying your fertilizer.

  1. With new sodding or seeding, remember to lightly rake or rototill the fertilizer into the soil to incorporate it for best results.
  2. On established lawns, always water-in the fertilizer to prevent burning.
  3. NEVER apply fertilizer to wet grass, especially during extreme heat as it will burn instantly.
  4. ALWAYS follow application instructions and guidelines on product packaging.

Check out this video and let Gary walk you thought it all step-by-step! From start to finish, year after year Manderley has a better fertilizer solution for you.


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