Industry changes affecting sod pricing

As the end of the 2021 season approaches, many have begun turning their attention to planning for next year, and we wanted to share with you some important information recently released by The Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario (NSGA).

Last week, the NSGA sent around an industry update outlining the impacts to the price of sod in the coming years. They expect “tight supply conditions and rising input costs on the horizon”, and it is expected that the cost to produce sod in Ontario to grow to record levels over the next several years.

Here at Manderley, we are feeling the affects of these supply chain challenges. As outlined in the letter; “While sod harvested in 2021 is more expensive than ever before, the upward trajectory is expected to continue.” We will continue to work with our suppliers to try to minimize the effects of these challenges to you as much as possible, but we want our customers to be aware that we will be implementing price increases going into next season in order to continue to supply you with the products and quality you expect.

With that being said, as you turn your attention to planning for next season, please be mindful of the rising cost of sod as you bid and quote on future projects. You can read more on this subject from the NSGA using the link below:


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