Overseeding Your Lawn

Late Summer to Early Autumn is the perfect time to overseed your lawn. As the weather starts to cool topdress and overseed for a greener, thicker lawn in 2016.
Our Less Water Grass Seed, contains a special blend of premium quality, TWCA drought qualified grass seed, that requires as much as 50% less water than conventional grass seed blends; which means less watering and less work – saving you time and money.

To overseed or repair your lawn, follow these steps:

  1. Mow the lawn.
  2. Rake the lawn to loosen up the top of the soil so that the new grass seed can make good contact with the soil. You can also fill in any holes or dips in your lawn with a light application of topsoil at this point.
  3. Apply the grass seed either by hand to the parts that need it the most or with a broadcast spreader to the whole lawn. Sprinkle some topsoil over top of the seeds after this.
  4. Watering daily or twice a day, keep the lawn moist for 2 to 3 weeks so that the top 1/2 inch of the soil does not dry out.


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