Save time pulling weeds when you overseed!

Let’s face it, nobody likes pulling weeds. It’s a time consuming and back breaking task, and likely not the way you envision spending your limited free time outdoors. But there are a few things you can do, like overseeding your lawn, to protect against the emergence of unwanted plants and help ensure you can spend less time pulling weeds, and more time enjoying your green spaces.

You can improve your lawn’s health by using Manderley seed products in the Spring to repair winter damage and strengthen your thinning lawn, keeping weeds at bay. We’ve laid out 6 steps for overseeding your lawn, to ensure you get the best possible results this Spring:

1. Mow the area short

Removing up to one third of your grass leaves before overseeding will help to ensure sunlight and water reach the new seedlings, promoting growth and successful germination on the first go.


2. Rake up lawn clippings

Raking will loosen and expose soil to receive seed. Ensuring all thatch and debris are removed from the overseeding area will give seed easy access to the soil and can root more easily. A heavy layer of thatch or cut grass will keep seeds from germinating, meaning you run the risk of having to seed again if it doesn’t root on the first go.


3. Aerate your soil

Taking the time to aerate will reduce compaction and allow air, water, and other nutrients to reach the grassroots. Aerating will help create ideal growing conditions for your seeds to germinate and help you achieve the best possible overseeding results to save time this summer!


4. Add Manderley premium garden soil

It’s best to add a layer of soil before spreading your seed. This will help to improve soil tilth and germination conditions for your new seed. And, we can help! A Blue Cube of premium garden soil can be delivered right to your home in a mess-free bag, saving you from hauling multiple small bags of soil to your garden, reducing heavy lifting and saving you time!


5. Spread the seed

Next, apply one of Manderley’s premium line of seed blends by using your hand for smaller areas or a broadcast spreader according to the over-seeding rates on the package. Be sure to check the back of your seed bag, as Manderley offers professional seed spreading rates to help make sure you grow it right the first time! You can explore our seed products and find the best fit for your lawn by checking out our product page.

Pro-tip: Work when the air is calm to be sure seed distributes evenly.

6. Water daily

Newly seeded lawns need consistent moisture. So, make sure to water-in your seed and irrigate daily over the first three weeks to promote germination.  Making sure your new seed is properly watered will leave you with a beautiful, lush and weed-free lawn to enjoy all summer long.


Overseeding is an easy way to thicken your lawn, protect against the growth of weeds, and ultimately save you time this summer. Make sure you overseed again in the fall helps to repair summer damage to your lawn from pets, weather, and wear, and to prepare your lawn for winter to ensure a greener, thicker lawn next spring. Happy seeding!

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