How to simply add more value for your customers while increasing your revenue

The simplest add-on you can provide your sod customers to benefit their property, and reduce the likelihood of a warranty callback, is fertilizer. Fertilizers can be beneficial from the time of installation through to establishment and then at any stage of the plant’s lifecycle.

But did you ever think of seed as an option? It seems counterintuitive, right? Especially since you’ve just installed a beautiful grass lawn – but who doesn’t want added insurance?

Increasing profits while providing quality products and services is always top of mind and Manderley has made it easy to do just that with our lines of seed.

Whether you’re about to install or have already installed a Manderley lawn, you want to give your customers the best results possible . Considering providing your customers with additional tools to keep that lawn looking amazing well into the future.

Attaching a bag of grass seed is much like buying a new car and with it the paint pen direct from the dealer. You know that if there is a scratch you need to fill in, the colour will match properly versus trying to source one later elsewhere.

At some point in the lawn’s lifetime there will be damaged areas, and we’re sure your customer would rather have a patch and repair product that looks the same as the rest of their lawn – not ten shades lighter! Our seed blends are of the highest quality and match the grass cultivars we use on our farm. That’s why you can be sure that they will match.

Moreover, Manderley seed products contain absolutely no fillers and provides full lasting results, making them the perfect choice to recommend to your clients to maintain their brand-new lawn.

Not to mention our seed as well as our sod is backed by our 100% risk free quality guarantee. This will add value and peace of mind to your clients while adding dollars to your bottom line.

Create more value for your customers! Find out more about our seed products here:

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