The benefits of overseeding your lawn this fall

Over time, your natural grass lawn can begin to look dull because of factors like weather, wear, and disease. But proper maintenance, including overseeding, will help keep your lawn healthy and looking great! Overseeding is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to transform your lawn back into the thick, lush, green grass you desire. The cool nights and shorter days in the fall provide the ideal conditions for seed germination, making it the perfect time to overseed your lawn. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of overseeding, for a better-looking yard next year:


  1. Fill in bare spots

After a summer with lots of activity and traffic, hot weather, and pet damage, it’s normal to expect that your lawn will have some wear spots. But, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money fixing up your grass to repair damaged areas. In fact, you can easily fill in bare spots on your lawn by overseeding, giving your yard a re-fresh without spending a ton of cash.

Not sure what product to use to get the job done? Try Manderley’s Build and Repair Seed! It’s perfect for thickening and repairing existing lawns, especially pet and wear damage! You can find more information on our full line of seed products by visiting our products page.

  1. Thicken existing grass

Without proper maintenance, an old lawn can have trouble maintaining vigorous growth. But, overseeding will keep your lawn thick, healthy, and looking great. The thicker your grass grows, the better it’s able to withstand stressors in the future, saving you a headache, and time down the road.

Want more information on how much seed to use when overseeding? Manderley seed bags are equipped with information on spreading rates to help you complete your overseeding projects. So be sure to check the back of your bag for our professional tips!

  1. Reduce weeds

During the growing season your lawn is constantly competing with weeds and dealing with other lawn stresses. If your lawn is worn out, you’re inviting weeds to come party in your yard. A healthy, thick and vibrant lawn is your best natural defense against weeds. Overseed to thicken your lawn, to protect against the emergence of unwanted plants and help ensure you can spend less time pulling weeds, and more time enjoying your green spaces!

You can find more information on our blog on how you can save time pulling weeds, including the steps of overseeding to ensure the best possible results!

  1. Improve appearance

A lush and dense lawn is an inviting space for your and your family to enjoy and increases your property value to boot! Overseeding is an easy way to recover and maintain your beautiful all natural grass, without spending the time and money ripping out your old lawn and starting from square one.

And, Manderley has the seed products you need to help you get the job done right! Our Quick Start Grass Seed is great when used as an overseed mix and when fast, high quality results are desired. Manderley Quick Start contains 20% Double Time GLS Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass which has a proven track record as one of the fastest germinating cultivars on the market coupled with exceptional green colour, natural grass quality and wear resistance. Overseed this fall with Manderley Pro Grade Quick Start Grass Seed, it will be sure to improve the appearance of your lawn in no time!

Whether you’re battling with weeds, drought, or just a tired, thinning lawn, overseeding can help to improve your lawns appearance and protect it throughout the growing season, without breaking the bank. Add overseeding as a quick task to your fall lawn maintenance to-do list for a terrific looking lawn next year!


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