Tips for your best lawn ever this summer

Creating a great outdoor space doesn’t mean having to spend a ton of time and energy on upkeep. There are a few activities such as overseeding, mowing, and fertilizing that will help to keep your lawn happy and looking great so you can make the most out of your green spaces. Regular maintenance throughout the growing season will ensure you achieve great results without having to spend all your outdoor time on looking after your lawn. Here are a few key tips for your best lawn ever, this summer.


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The cooler temperatures in Spring and Fall provide optimal growing conditions to overseed your lawn. Overseeding in the spring will help to repair damage caused by winter weather and helps thicken your existing lawn to support in the fight against weeds. If you’re battling weeds in your lawn, overseeding is a key step to help you keep weeds at bay. The thicker your lawn, the less room there is for weeds to grow. If you want to spend more time enjoying your lawn, rather than pulling weeds, overseeding is a must!


Keeping your natural grass at the right height will reduce the chance of weed growth. Some good rules to keep in mind are don’t trim too low, but mow often. Bluegrass should be mowed at a height of between 1.5”-3.5” and Fine Fescue from 3”-4” for optimal plant growth. You’ll also want to ensure your mower is properly set to never remove more than one third of the leaf any time you mow. And, don’t let grass grow so tall that it falls over. The taller the grass, the less dense the lawn and the higher chance of disease and weed prevalence in your lawn. It may sound like there are a lot of rules when it comes to mowing your lawn, but ensuring these details are followed will ensure less work, and less maintenance time in the long run.

For a bonus tip: Instead of cleaning up grass trimmings, leaving them in place to decompose will allow for nutrients to recycle back into the earth, reaching the roots and strengthening them. This will help increase water and nutrient retention, enabling your lawn to work harder for you, instead of spending that energy on further maintenance.


Over time, soil nutrients available to a conventional natural grass lawn can begin to deplete. But Manderley has the right products to make fertilizing your lawn easy, and replenish those lost nutrients! Manderley’s 3-Step Fertilizer Program is specially formulated to delivery the ideal mix of nutrients to keep grass healthy and looking its best. Adding fertilizing to your lawn is a quick but important part of your seasonal maintenance plan, and will help your lawn thrive throughout the growing season.

These are some small, but high-impact steps you can take to have the lawn you’ve always hoped for, without the headache of too much maintenance looming overhead. For more information on how you can provide your lawn with the maintenance it needs to thrive, check out our seasonal maintenance guide. It has all the tips you need to maintain your yard this summer. And, be sure to follow us on social media for more lawn care tips and tricks to help you save time, save money, and save water for your best lawn ever this summer!

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