Top 5 social benefits of green spaces!

Dreaming of warmer weather? So are we!

The warmer weather puts everyone in a better mood! Here’s our list of 5 great benefits of green spaces to help combat the winter blues and get you thinking about Spring!

5. Stress Reduction: Time spent in green spaces have been seen to enable individuals to think more clearly and cope more effectively with life stresses.


4. Mood boosting: Yard work and gardening contribute to active, healthy living both physically and emotionally.

26268802 - senior man doing yard work

3. Health Benefits: research shows that plants and green spaces can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear, anger and aggression.


2. Community Creation: Studies have shown that green spaces are gathering spaces for groups, friends and families. This leads to the creation of close-knit communities and improves well-being and therefore increasing community safety.

Boys and girls running towards ball

1.Community appeal: well-maintained green spaces and places to take walks are among the important factors considered by people when choosing a place to live.


It won’t be long now until you can get out there and enjoy the social benefits of green spaces for yourself!

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