Use compost and watch your green spaces thrive!

After spending time and money transforming your landscapes this summer, it’s important to protect your investment by giving your grass and plants the best possible growing conditions so they can thrive. If you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for this year, it may be time to add compost to your soil.

Compost helps your lawn and garden better retain nutrients, moisture, and air for healthier plants. We’ve broken down just a couple of ways compost contributes to healthy soil, so you can get the beautiful landscape you envisioned this summer.



Compost contains a variety of the basic nutrients that plants require for healthy growth. All gardens can benefit from compost, as over time, nutrients in your soil are naturally lost through crop absorption. Compost will help replenish lost nutrients, resulting in strong, healthy plants.

But compost isn’t just for your gardens; it can also be beneficial for your lawn. You can add a layer of compost on top of your lawn and it will work its way into the soil as the grass grows. Compost makes for healthier soil, promotes microbial activity and adds back nutrients that help the plant survive. It’s a natural and greener solution to plant nutrition, compared with synthetic fertilizers, which will be less impactful but will nevertheless benefit your grass.

Replenish essential nutrients in your lawn and garden with the help of compost and protect your investment of time and money into your property!


Soil structure:

If you’re having trouble getting your fruits, vegetables or other plants to flourish this year, poor soil structure may be to blame. Adding compost to your soil will contribute to obtaining a “crumbly” textured soil which is what it needs to allow air and water to move freely.

Compost helps improve soil tilth, which increases air flow and water flow allowing for more efficient delivery of these plant essentials to the root zone. Over or under watered plants are likely to die, causing you to spend more time and money to replace them. Add compost during the warm summer months to help retain water and spend less time and money on watering this summer.


You can easily improve soil quality with compost to have beautiful green spaces this year. Get the landscape results you desire by adding compost to your soil, resulting in healthier plants, soil, and a greener lawn and protect your hard landscaping work this year.

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