Want to stand-out and save time while attracting top talent? Manderley’s here to help!

Hiring for the summer season can be a real challenge, taking up time you don’t have! Plus, there’s always a risk that if you get it wrong, you’ve invested time and money on training and hiring costs, only to have to start over. We’ve been there before, and we feel your pain. There’s no sure-fire solution, but here are a few things to keep in mind to skip the headache and get it right the first time this summer:


Come work for us, we have cake.

See what we did there? Often, the key to hiring is thinking outside of the box. Rather than post traditional job offers on one of the many job boards out there, making an ad that is creative and funny can help you stand out from the multitude of other companies hiring for similar positions.


Don’t be afraid to get social!

Social media is a great tool to quickly spread information to across multiple platforms; plus, it’s free! Since most of us use some form of social media on a daily basis, you can count on your message making its way onto the screens of some potential future employees. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a great new employee, even if they weren’t actively on the job hunt!


Never judge a book by its cover

Everyone has something different to bring to the table.  Don’t let personal biases stand in the way of adding a potential star to your team. You never know who your most loyal employees could be!


The grass isn’t always greener – so to speak

Keeping an open-door policy for employees that leave in good standing can help in the long-term. Training and set-up for brand new employees can be costly and time consuming, so keeping communication open with former employees can help ease the hit of hiring costs year after year.


Have a back-up plan

100% employee retention is easier said than done. If you do find yourself with a dwindling team as the season goes on, why not hire a few extra employees in the spring for a bit of cushion? If you’re looking for 10 new team members, why not hire 12? This may be costly for the first month, but it could help you from scrambling to find new hires during busy times mid-season.


Getting ready for a new season is exciting, but as a business owner, we know it can also be stressful trying to juggle it all. We hope these hiring tips can make your life a little easier when you’re ready to start the hiring process. Best of luck building your 2019 team!

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