When is the right time to use compost?

Using compost is ALWAYS a good idea! Adding compost to your vegetable garden, potted plants or flower beds is beneficial in a variety of ways. It contains essential plant nutrients, improves soil quality and increases water retention within the soil.

Compost amends soils bringing pH levels into an ideal range for plant growth – between 5.5 and 7.0 (not too acidic, not too alkaline). Compost also helps to release nutrients into your growing areas by promoting overall soil health through beneficial microbial activity.

Your soil quality will improve as compost changes soil structure. In sandy soils it helps retain water by creating larger aggregates or soil clusters. In clay or loamy based soil it breaks up tightly bound clusters allowing for better air, nutrient and water flow throughout. Adding compost to any soil will make it easier to work.

Manderley now offers a marine-based compost in Eastern Canada. Manderley’s Marine Compost is a blend of nutrient rich shrimp compost and locally source peat. Shrimp based compost is rich in calcium which is perfect for promoting fast root growth and plant development. The peat is excellent for moisture retention. This blend can help improve soil quality at any time of year.

Add marine compost to your soil in the spring for pre-planting to help with plant development and growth. Add it during the warmer months to help retain water and replenish soil nutrients that have been lost.

Compost is a gardener’s best friend! It improves soil structure and quality. By adding essential nutrients for soil ecology, you replenishes the soil making it healthy and an ideal environment for plants to grow and thrive. Do your garden a favour and add some ‘Black Gold’; your plants will thank you!

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