Why Choose Kentucky Bluegrass?

Are you looking to seed or sod your lawn with a low-maintenance grass that can grow and stay strong throughout the whole year? Kentucky Bluegrass is the best choice for preparing and maintaining a lawn in the cool Canadian climate. Here are four reasons why you should choose to seed or sod your lawn with Kentucky Bluegrass:

It spreads easily

Kentucky Bluegrass has a big advantage over other cool season grasses, because it has the ability to spread easily. It spreads through the production of rhizomes, which are stems that grow horizontally just below the ground’s surface. Each of these rhizomes produces a node every few centimetres along its length. A new blade of grass can sprout from each of these nodes.

It is great for busy lawns

Kentucky Bluegrass is a wise choice if your lawn is a busy one, with kids and pets walking over it constantly. Foot traffic and pet urine will wear down turf and create a fair amount of damage on a weaker lawn. Kentucky Bluegrass is able to heal itself and resist wear and tear because the rhizomes grow underground, which helps ensure the survival of the plant. Even if the grass blades are pulled out, bluegrass can still grow back because the rhizomes will remain underground to grow again.

It has a high cold tolerance

Kentucky bluegrass has the best cold tolerance of all other cool season grasses. It has the ability to withstand long periods of frigid Canadian weather that would normally destroy ryegrass or fescue lawns. Kentucky Bluegrass is also able to adapt and survive during the periods of hot, humid weather that can occur in the summer months in Canada as well.

It is disease resistant

Kentucky Bluegrass is a disease-resistant grass type. As long as the lawn is properly watered and maintained, you shouldn’t have any problem with grass diseases such as leaf spot and rust. However, in the unlikely event of a disease breakout, there are steps you can take. For rust, adding a little bit of nitrogen fertilizer can help eliminate the problem. For leaf spot, a fungicide treatment is necessary. Having to deal with these types of diseases is a rare occurrence for a well-maintained lawn with Kentucky Bluegrass.

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