Why Choose Manderley Less Water Kentucky Bluegrass Sod?

Kentucky Bluegrass is a popular choice among those looking to have their green spaces re-soded, and it’s easy to see why. There are so many benefits that Kentucky Bluegrass can offer in a Canadian climate, and specifically Manderley’s Less Water natural grass sod is good for the environment, has long term cost savings for your customers, and can help differentiate you from the competition. Here are a few ways you can promote Less Water sod as your competitive advantage:

It looks great

Kentucky Bluegrass is a dense, deep green grass that is beautiful to look at and it’s tolerant of high traffic, making it an ideal groundcover for yards and sports fields. It creates a lush, strong, and healthy lawn for your customers to enjoy for years to come.

And, with Manderley’s worry-free 100% Quality Guarantee, you can count on happy customers. Our Quality Guarantee helps to reduce your number of warranty visits and gives you more time to focus on growing your business!

It performs well during a drought

Kentucky Bluegrass is also able to adapt and survive during the periods of hot, humid weather that can occur in the summer months in Canada as well. Backed by science, Manderley Less Water was the first qualified drought tolerant natural grass by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA. Less Water products resist drought up to 6 weeks longer than conventional lawns before going dormant, providing added insurance to your projects and helping to keep your customers happy!

You can be one of the few that sell Less Water products and have the unique opportunity to position your company as environmentally responsible and stand out from the rest! Go with Manderley Less Water products to differentiate yourself from the competition!

It’s tolerant of harsh winters

Even with its ability to withstand drought, Less Water Kentucky Bluegrass sod is also tolerant of harsh weather on the other end of the spectrum – Canadian winters. Kentucky bluegrass has the best cold tolerance of all other cool season grasses. It has the ability to withstand long periods of frigid Canadian weather that would normally destroy ryegrass or fescue lawns.

Our sod is designed specifically for your local planting zones, so you know that you’re always getting a product intended to thrive in your area. This quality product, made to withstand a Canadian climate, will help you get ahead of your competition.

It saves you time and money

With its superior genetics, Manderley Less Water sod requires as much as 50% less water to grow year after year, saving your customers time and money on watering!

And, you can sell Manderley Less Water Sod at a premium, because of its long-term cost savings for your customers, helping you to increase your average sale and grow your bottom line!

By using environmentally sustainable products, like Manderley Less Water Sod, you will get a leg up on your competition, helping you differentiate yourself. This year, supply your customers with premium products guaranteed to help them save time, money and water, and stand out from the rest!

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