Winterkill – How to repair the damage!

Cold weather lawn damage is a common problem for homeowners in colder climates. Winterkill can be visible in your lawn anywhere from small, isolated areas, all the way up to full-scale destruction. This unsightly and often unpreventable blemishing of your property can be brought on or worsened by any number of factors including ice, snow, snow mold and compacted soil.

Mild winters with many rapid thaws and re-freezes are particularly likely to leave your lawn with, at least some, winter damage, especially if there is insufficient insulation from snow. These types of winter can cause plant stress and irreversible damage to individual plants through crown hydration. That’s when your grass, thinking that it’s Spring, begins to take on water only to have it freeze again damaging its plant cells which usually will cause the plant to die.


While not all winter damage is controllable, fear not! All winterkill is repairable!

How to repair winterkill:

Step 1: De-thatch your lawn

Thatch is a layer of dead and living grass, leaves and other organic materials all mixed together. When the snow has melted and risk of frost is gone, rake away or use a de-thatcher to remove the layer of thatch. This will make it easier to treat your lawn and reach the roots and soil for improved treatment.


Step 2: Reinforce or replace your grass

For smaller damaged areas consider seeding/over-seeding it. Using a product designed to repair and strengthen your lawn is your best bet.  Manderley Pro Grade Build and Repair grass seed is a perfect choice. It’s a premium blend of fast germinating ryegrass, fine fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass with a moisture retention coating for early nutrient delivery vital to plant growth directly on the seed!

For larger damaged spots replacing your existing grass with new sod is the ideal choice. Sod is an instant, lush and weed-free solution. Check out Manderley’s sod options here!


Step 3: Fertilize!

100% of lawns benefit from the use of fertilizer! However, not all fertilizers are created equal. Choosing a fertilizer that is formulated for the specific lifecycle of your lawn is key to make sure your lawn is receiving the key nutrients its needs to excel!

If laying new sod or seeding, a root starter fertilizer formulated to promote rapid root establishment and healthy plant growth is your best choice – Manderley Pro Grade Root Starter Fertilizer is a great choice!

Kick start your lawn into action after a long winter dormancy by applying a fertilizer high in nitrogen like Manderley Pro Grade Spring Fertilizer, this blend helps to strengthen and repair any lawn!

A healthy lawn stands a better chance against most forms of winter damage. Proper lawn maintenance throughout the year will make your lawn stronger, healthier and harder to kill.

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