Worried about a drought this summer? Don’t be!

Do you often worry about the state of your lawn during summer dry periods? We don’t blame you, if you do, but fear not… Manderley has you covered! There are many ways to ensure you have a healthy, vibrant, and resilient green space during the warmest and driest time of the year. To give some examples, we’ve come up with a few essential tips on how to encourage a lush and happy lawn that can endure even the worst drought conditions and still look great.

Reduce traffic

One thing you can to do reduce your household’s impact on your lawn during a drought is to reduce the amount of foot traffic and disturbances to the grass. No matter which kind of grass you have, this step will reduce the impact to the plant during a time when it’s already feeling pretty stressed out.

Sharpen your mower blade

In addition to giving your grass a bit of time off, the blade of your mower should also be adjusted. Sharpening it twice a season will ensure that you don’t end up with ragged grass blades.  This will help your lawn protect itself against damage and pests during a period when it’s put under a lot of stress.

Also, remember only to mow when your grass is active. If you try to mow a dormant lawn, you are only going to end up with more problems.

Install drought-resistant sod

Above all else, drought-resistant sod is the best way to go. Manderley Less Water sod is the ideal choice to reduce the impact of hot and dry summers on your property. It reduces typical watering needs by up to 50 percent, saving time and money while maintaining a healthy, lush lawn all summer long – and beyond. It also resists traffic damage while the plants are still active.

Add seed that needs Less Water

High-quality seed is excellent for strengthening lawns in preparation for the dry days ahead. Products such as our line of Less Water Seed get to work quickly and make for a healthier, more resilient lawn. Our Less Water Seed can save you up to 50 percent on water, year after year and lasts as much as 1 to 1.5 months longer without water before shutting down.

So, in the end, why worry about a drought this summer? With these tips in mind, it’s never been easier to keep your lawn in good shape during less-than-desirable weather conditions.

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