Your Fall Lawn TLC Guide

Want to wake up to a beautiful, lush lawn next spring? There’s still time to get it in tip-top shape before winter arrives! Fall maintenance is an important step to ensuring your grass is prepared for the impact of cold weather stress. We’ve collected some tips below to ensure you’re giving your lawn the TLC it needs before winter is here to stay.

  1. Rake leaves and grass trimmings from your lawn before snowfall. Unlike during the summer months when plant trimmings can introduce beneficial nutrients back into the soil, come the fall you want to ensure you’re removing any leaves that fall around your property. Removing leaves before they become wet from rain and morning dew will help prevent against damage from moisture and allow much-needed sunlight to reach your lawn.
  2. Slowly decrease the height of your mower blades this fall. Mow short for your last mowing of the year to reduce the risk of snow mold damage. Never remove more than 1/3 of the blade and be sure your grass remains at least 1.5” in height. 
  3. Take advantage of Fall’s optimum growing conditions! Fall overseeding can help strengthen and repair patches in your lawn. A thick, dense lawn will help protect against weeds from popping up next year. Remember to keep soil moist until the seeds have a chance to germinate just as you would with a new lawn seeding.
  4. Fall is also the best time to aerate your lawn. It will let oxygen, water and fertilizer reach the grassroots more easily, promoting a healthier lawn. The ideal time to aerate your lawn is right before fertilizing, as the holes in your lawn will allow fertilizer to reach the roots where the nourishment can be most effective.
  5. Speaking of fertilizer, come fall, your lawn is in need of a potassium boost to prepare it for the harsh Canadian winter ahead. Our Fall Formula Fertilizer is a potassium-rich blend designed to improve your lawn’s winter hardiness and reduce the risk of complications next spring. A great finish to the growing season, getting you set up for a healthy lawn next spring!


Taking the time to prepare your lawn for winter will help ensure your lawn greens up quicker in the spring, leaving you more time to enjoy your green space next year after that long winter season.

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