A few ways topsoil can help your lawn

The list of uses for topsoil is long, it’s a versatile product that works great for general landscaping projects, and particularly, lawn care. It’s no secret that lawns require a bit of seasonal maintenance to keep them healthy and beautiful. With the right products, your lawn maintenance doesn’t have to take up a ton of your time, and topsoil is a great product to help you get the job done in less time!

Manderley’s professional quality topsoil is designed with lawn health in mind. It promotes deep root development for natural grass lawns as well as healthy germination of grass seed to help get the results you want! Here are a few of the ways topsoil can help you keep your lawn looking great and get you back to enjoying your green spaces in no time:


Top Dressing:

A thick and luscious lawn requires a healthy soil base and needs to be topped up from time to time. Even though grasses are one of the best protections from erosion, there is nevertheless some loss and compaction which makes topdressing a good idea. Top-dressing is a technique of adding a thin layer of soil over your lawn, without killing the existing plant, to gradually improve soil over time.

Top dressing can also help with common lawn problems such as uneven terrain, compacted soil in high traffic zones, and bare spots. You can use topsoil to fill in low areas of your lawn by adding a layer of topsoil over your existing lawn and leveling it with a rake. The grass will grow through the new topsoil, and you will see the results of healthy soil in a short time.


If you’re tackling bare spots on your grass or thinning areas from weather and wear damage, you can overseed for a greener, thicker lawn. Before you spread your grass seed to patch and repair, you’ll want to first fill in bare area on your lawn by spreading a 1-inch-thick layer of topsoil over the sites. The simple step of adding topsoil to your overseeding practices will help with the healthy germination of your seed and ensure you get the best results, the first time, with one of Manderley’s professional quality seed blends!

Sod Installation:

If you’re starting fresh with a new lawn, soil preparation is a key step in making sure you get the best possible results with your new lawn. When spending time and money installing sod, you want to ensure your project comes together beautifully, and a Blue Cube of topsoil can will do the trick!

Use topsoil to grade and shape the installation area, ensuring you have a soil depth of 3–6” (8–10 cm) before laying your Manderley Less Water Sod. This will ensure deep root development for your new lawn, resulting in a beautiful new Less Water lawn.


A Blue Cube of Premium Topsoil can help you with many of your seasonal maintenance practices, in one convenient, mess free bag. The bag is resealable, so you can purchase one bag of Blue Cube Topsoil and use it all season long on a variety of your landscaping projects. Save time buying multiple bags of topsoil and reduce the heavy lifting of individual smaller bags of soil and let a Blue Cube of Topsoil help you get the job done in less time!

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