Worried about your new sod during this heat wave? We’re here to help.

This summer has certainly brought with it some hot and dry conditions. Since all grass needs water to ensure good health and vibrancy, a lack of natural precipitation means that your lawn will require more watering than usual – especially when establishing a new lawn.

Here are some tips to help ensure your sod is getting the water it needs to establish and thrive in its new home:

  • On warm days, start watering your sod as soon as you have your first few rows down.
  • Make sure that your soil is wet up to 4-inches below the surface.

  • While your lawn is establishing, be sure to water deeply.
  • Avoid frequent light wateringwhich will cause shallow rooting, and over-watering.
  • When you pull at the grass blades and they don’t lift, it means your root system has established and you can begin to reduce watering.

  • Water early in the morning as much as possible, or in the evening, to avoid evaporation caused by direct sunlight.
  • Water evenly and slowly so that water penetrates the soil without running off.

  • ALWAYS keep track of precipitation – if you’ve recently gotten a lot of rain, you may not need to water.
  • ALWAYS observe your lawn before applying water – if it appears lush and green you may be able to reduce your watering frequency.

We hope that these tips will help ease any concerns you may have, while we wait for cooler days ahead.

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